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Empreinte, innovative craftmanship

Founded in Brest in 1946, Empreinte gives women the freedom to enjoy their bodies, thanks to corsetry that offers unique support and French elegance.

"There is a life before Empreinte and a life with Empreinte"

Discover Empreinte’s women words 



Empreinte, shape enhancer

Comfort, support, and a great figure; this is the magical hat-trick that is summed up in one tiny word: FIT. The Empreinte FIT is instantly recognisable. It’s like our signature. This unique and superior fit puts women in touch with their bodies, banishes self-consciousness, builds confidence and liberates their seductive side. A good fit which creates a sense of well-being for women with C cup and more.


Empreinte, much more than just a bra

We design our products to ‘sculpt’ women’s bodies with respect and generosity: the waistline is remodelled, curves are smoother, visible results that make the Empreinte silhouette so specific, like a VISUAL SIGNATURE.



Swimwear Corseterie

Our aim is to offer contemporary swimsuits, in classic and fitting shapes that sculpt the body.

Meticulous attention is given to comfort in order to create swimsuits that feel like a second skin and enhance female curves to perfection. Our expertise in corsetry alongside our choice of body-shaping, durable fabrics creates one-pieces with perfect outline and with no need for underwiring - resulting in increased style and freedom.

Guaranteed to perform with larger busts and larger sizes.

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